Jesse James Gang Train Robbery

jesse james gang

Jesse James Gang

The Kansas City Pocket Watch was inspired by one of the most infamous railroad robberies in history pulled off by Jesse James and his gang.  On January 31, 1874 in Gads Hill, MO, Jesse James Gang planned a train robbery in order to capture a famous detective who had been hired to kill James.  The gang got word that the detective would be on the train, so they help up the station and stopped the train. Jesse James held the conductor up at gunpoint and took his money, wallet and his gold pocket watch.  Then the masked gang robbed the rest of the wealthy passengers on board, making out with around $10,000!  Unfortunately for them, however, the detective had not been on board.  As Jesse James got off the train, he gave the conductor back his gold pocket watch saying, “You’ll need this.”  To read the rest of the history of Jesse James Gang’s infamous train robberies check out ‘The Legend Of The Jesse James Gang.’

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